Quality confirmation over time

The Tanfoglio production has its origins in the defence area, either private and professional, the company’s commitment for research and development applied to produce these models is constant and continuous. Besides the production of models made entirely of steel, it has grown and consolidated the manufacture of models with frame made in polymer: a kind of special high-strength plastic material that gives lightness to the pistol, that is an useful feature for the port continued: the shape of the polymer frame is ergonomic and ensures an excellent grip.
For defence models the safety system has been studied with accuracy and Tanfoglio has implemented several safety control systems: “cocked and locked” safety mounted on the frame, ambidextrous firing pin safety mounted on the slide that works as a hammer decocker and all models have automatic firing pin safety.
Even the size is important for defence pistols: so Tanfoglio offers size variants of slide, barrel and slide length to cover the different grip needs (Full size, Carry, Compact), and to change the overall pistols dimension, that influences the port. The SPORT & COMPETITION pistols line is the largest range of sport pistols on the international market and allows who wants to practice sport shooting activities to make the optimal choice, suitable to the needs of everyone, offering a high quality shooting experience.
From the end of ‘80s Fratelli Tanfoglio company commits its technical resources, in cooperation with the shooters of the Tanfoglio Teams worldwide, to ensure quality, ergonomics, safety and high performances of its products dedicated to sport and to competition shooting. Tanfoglio sport models have got and continue to get a lot of excellent achievements in competitions on shooting ranges around the world.

The company

Tanfoglio family is active in the firearms since the beginning of ‘900 when it produced and assembled platforms and exploders for local manufacturing companies and in 1953 began to produce handguns in cal.6,35mm and in cal.22. Fratelli Tanfoglio company was born in 1969, specializing its production in designing and manufacturing semi-automatic pistols in different calibers for defense.
In 1986 the company began the construction of models for sport shooting, especially for I.P.S.C. and I.D.P.A. competitions, in their different categories of shooting: this will allow to get during time great and continuous success worldwide, as obtaining the title of I.P.S.C. World and European Champion since 1998 until today.
Nowadays Tanfoglio products are a benchmark of excellence for fans and shooters all over the world and are also the main choice of many police and security professionals.