Tradition of innovation

Every component of a Sabatti firearm is manufactured in House with the best technology there is. By doing that the company has been able to develop a Know How very few manufacturers in the world can boast about. Stocks are the only exception to this important rule. However they are still 100% made in Italy by selected suppliers.
Both smooth and rifled bore barrels are manufactured in House at Sabatti SpA starting from very high quality steel specifically forged for the purpose of building firearm barrels. The company is market leader for the production of rifled barrels, which are appreciated for their performance the world over by gun makers and shooters alike.
Sabatti has designed and introduced a unique rifling profile with different features over that of traditional rifling that, despite its overall effectiveness, has limitations especially when it comes to lead free bullets.

The results of our tests show that:

  • Speed is higher than with traditional rifling, up to 10%.
  • Group concentration is substantially improved.
  • Number of fliers is drastically reduced.
  • Shooters can improve performance by polishing the bore with abrasive paste pads with no fear of ruining the rifling edges.

The company

The Sabatti family has been in the gun making business for almost 400 years. The experience acquired has been passed down with no interruption from generation to generation, from father to son.
Sabatti SpA manufactures one of the widest and most comprehensive ranges of firearms in the world all of which are completely made in House. Some of these firearms - the side by side rifles for instance - are still built applying the same gun making traditions and standards applied in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Only very specialized gun makers can perform all assembling and fitting operations required to make reliable and durable firearms and add beautiful hand finishing to the mix.