The charm of History with modern performances

Every Pedersoli gun is intended for those who want to start a journey back in time and to relive the exploits of those heroes, more or less legendary, that literature and movies have made them immortal, invulnerable to the oblivion of time and memory. Davide Pedersoli has always distinguished itself by their historical research of the guns to reproduce, to identify some of the most important steps in the gun manufacturing tradition of nineteenth century European and American firearms.
The Pedersoli guns production ranges from duelling pistols to revolvers, from target guns to infantry muskets from various European countries, without forgetting the most famous American icons that have marked the evolution of firearms from flintlock up to the beginnings of the use of metallic cartridges.
All Pedersoli barrels are designated with the acronym “PMG Barrel”, both muzzle loading and cartridge rifle barrels; Pedersoli starts with meticulous selection of the steel alloy and rigorous quality control throughout the production cycle, resulting in superior quality products.
The barrels are produced from selected bar stock, deep hole drilled, lathe turned, then rifled and lapped, each work cycle interspersed with barrel straightening, ensuring the optimum quality of the final product.
The recurring records and the large number of medals won in various international sports competitions testify to the quality and the ballistic accuracy of Pedersoli guns, features that made them popular among target shooters and hunters worldwide.

The company

The history of the DAVIDE PEDERSOLI & C., founded in 1957 by Davide Pedersoli (1924- 1996), starts with the manufacturing of hunting shotguns, over and under shotguns featuring a specific patent and also side by side shotguns.
In 1960 they started the production of muzzle loading guns, which after ten years, took over as the predominant product of the company. In the 1973 the production of the traditional hunting shotguns was discontinued allowing them to concentrate on the production of historical muzzleloading guns and accessories plus expanding the powder flasks production which started in 1960, at the beginning of the muzzleloading phenomenon.