1886/71 Lever Action Classic - Davide Pedersoli

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Introducing important technical variations to the previous Model 1886 designed by John M. and Matthew S. Browning, the Lever Action 86/71 is identified as the first rifle chambered for a specific cartridge (.348 WCF) as well as for being the last “big frame” lever action rifle produced by Winchester. Advertised as The Universal Big Game Rifle, the Model 71 was welcomed with enthusiasm by big game hunters. Our company is particularly proud to produce this famous rifle of the first half of the twentieth century, chambered for a well known historical cartridge, the .45-70, which is easily available today.
The Lever Action 86/71 rifle is drilled and tapped to be equipped with a side frame mount Creedmoor sight and with the Pedersoli Bolt Creedmoor sight. The broached rifled barrel and the magazine are blue finished, the stock, with chequered pistol grip and forend are of walnut.
The frame is forged and CNC machined, with a blue finish for the Standard version, the Premium model case hardened frame and butt cap, selected walnut stock and forend.



Mod.CaliberGroovesTwist mm - inchesBarrel length mm - inchesOverall length mm - inchesWeight kg - lbsShot magazine
S./V.740 .45-70 6 460 - 1:18 610 - 24 11100 - 435/16 3,700 - 8.15 5

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