Doc Holliday - Davide Pedersoli

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A new model to complete the Western trilogy started with the Pedersoli “Lighting” rifle and continued with the Wyatt Earp cartridge side by side shotgun. This revolver, inspired by one of the Colt 1877 revolvers, is being offered following several requests from Cowboy Action Shooting enthusiasts from all over the world and commemorates the famous John Henry Holliday (1851-1887), nick name “Doc” for his occasional profession as a dentist.
Pistol shooter and gambler, Doc Holliday became famous after participating in the battle at the O.K. Corral of Tombstone, Arizona (October 26,1881), siding with the Earp brothers. The Doc Holliday revolvers offer a choice of barrel length’s (5” or 4.2”) and a nickel or blue finish. The bird’s head grips are chequered and the upper side has the “dp” oval logo carved in the wood. The rifled barrel, made by the broaching process, the accurate trigger system and the ideal combination of weight and balance with a typical grip make this revolver a handy and precise gun.



Mod.CaliberGroovesTwist mm - inchesBarrel length mm - inchesOverall length mm - inchesWeight kg - lbs
S.630 - S.631 .38 Special 6 450 - 1:18 107 - 4,2 230 - 91/16 0,800 - 1.76
S.632 - S.633 .38 Special 6 450 - 1:18 127 - 5 250 - 97/8 0,850 - 1.87

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