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The FORCE CARRY model is a semiautomatic double action pistol, with reduced length slide and barrel and high capacity magazine in order to offer at the same time a smaller and lighter handgun with a the same quantity of rounds of a standard size pistol.
It can have a “cocked and locked” safety mounted on the frame (F version) and a reversible magazine catch; or an ambidextrous firing pin safety mounted on the slide that works as a hammer decocker (R version); both versions have an automatic firing pin safety. The R version is particularly used by Security and Law Enforcements forces.


It is available in caliber 9x19 and .40S&W for the FORCE 99 CARRY model and in caliber .45ACP, .38Super e 10mm Auto for the Force CARRY model.



Total LenghtBarrel LenghtWeightAction9X21
.40 S&W.38 SA10 mm AUTO.45 ACP
190 113 750 D.A. 16 12 16 11 10

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