Force R - Tanfoglio

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Double action semiautomatic pistol with polymer frame; it is the base model of the FORCE pistols serie. In addition to the well-known handling advantages of the TANFOGLIO products, the FORCE model has a reduced weight and it is the ideal handgun for concealed carry and the right choise for Security and Law Enforcement forces. The R version has an ambidextrous firing pin safety mounted on the slide that works as a hammer decocker; both versions have an automatic firing pin safety. The R version is particularly used by Security and Law Enforcements forces.


The FORCE model is available in cal..45ACP, .38Super and 10mm Auto while the FORCE 99 model is available in cal. 9x19 and .40S&W.



Total LenghtBarrel LenghtWeightAction9X21
.40 S&W.38 SA10 mm AUTO.45 ACP
210 113 850 D.A. 16 12 16 11 10

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