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Double action semi automatic pistol specially made for I.P.S.C. - Production Class - competitions, for sport shooting and selfdefence.
The barrel, with polygonal rifling, has a coned external profile for a better fitting between the barrel and the slide that gives the pistol a remarkable accuracy.
The frame has front and back checkered straps for better handling while the slide has large serrations for easily operating with.
The extended safety, the Custom magazine catch, reversible for left hand shooters, the skeletonized hammer, the fully adjustable Supersight and the removable dovetailed front sigth are standards.
The Buzz model differs from the Stock model for the ported barrel.



Total LenghtBarrel LenghtWeightAction9X21
.40 S&W.38 SA10 mm AUTO.45 ACP
211 113 1180 S.A. 15 12 17 11 10

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