SXL 600 De Luxe - F.A.I.R.®

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SLX 600 DE LUXE: advanced production technologies and skilled personnel assure a wide versatility and interchangeability for all parts and components of SLX 600 DE LUXE. This model is available in four classic gauges: 12-20-28 and 410.Two different dedicated actions are used for 12 and 20 ga.,28 and 410 ga. use the same action body as the 20 ga. The high quality of this SLX 600 DE LUXE model is reflected in several details, such as convex hinge pins, elegant new generation laser engravings with three levels of depth, selected walnut wood with fine-pitch laser checkering and multipurpose, being fitted with interchangeable TECHNICHOKE® XP50 chokes (for 12-20-28 ga.), long-stroke ejectors, steel shot proofed and selective golden single trigger (12 and 20 ga.).



Barrel Length
68/26¾" 71/28" 76/30" EXT EJ BG MS MSX
SLX 600 DE LUXE     12-20 76/3" TC XP50 5   3,100/12 - 2,800/20
SLX 600 DE LUXE 28 70/2¾ " TC XP50 5   2,800
SLX 600 DE LUXE 410 76/3" 3/1-4/2   2,750
Of series By request
EJ = automatic ejector EXT = normal extractor BG = double trigger
MS = single selective trigger MSX = single selective trigger adjustable

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