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PATHOS is a Greek word meaning "passion"; a name perfectly suited to this model, which is designed to satisfy the passion for hunting.
A single model in four classic gauges (16 – 20 – 28 and 410) with dedicated actions for 16-20 and 28 ga. (410 ga. uses the 28-ga frame), real gold-plated hand-made engravings, selected quality walnut with fine-pitch checkering and extra-glossy oil finishing, bright black action, classic solid upper rib, rounded-edge stock and fore-end, wood butt plate: these are just some of the details making PATHOS a special and refined firearm.
The frame's rounded, hand-finished design provides a touch of the ancient tradition of Val Trompia's master gunsmiths. The mechanical layout is classic, with long-stroke ejectors and golden selective single trigger (double trigger available); chokes are fixed for 410 ga. and interchangeable for 16, 20 and 28 ga. (TECHNICHOKE®).
Like all other hunting and competition guns manufactured by F.A.I.R.®, PATHOS features the X-CONES® system (soft cone connecting barrel to chamber) for an improved recoil reduction.
PATHOS is delivered in an elegant ABS case (Mod.V500L).



Barrel Length
68/26¾" 71/28" 76/30" EXT EJ BG MS MSX
PATHOS 16-28 70/2¾ " TC XP50 5     2,900/16-2,800/28
PATHOS     20 76/3" TC XP50 5     2,850
PATHOS 410 76/3" 3/1-4/2     2,700
Of series By request
EJ = automatic ejector EXT = normal extractor BG = double trigger
MS = single selective trigger MSX = single selective trigger adjustable

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