Missouri River Hawken (1840-1865 c.) - Davide Pedersoli

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The Hawken is a symbol of the period that saw the passage from the long and heavy small caliber Pennsylvania rifles to more practical and powerful Plains rifles, and the definite abandoning of the flintlock for the far more modern percussion system. The strong barrel and the larger calibre, enabled hits on any target with surprising accuracy. This rifle soon became the inseparable friend of the Mountains men, and the most famous explorers of the American continent. Available with maple and walnut stock. The barrel, rifled by broaching, features an octagonal cross-section in rust brown colour finish and the twist of 1:24” is ideal for conical bullet and sabot bullet like the U138-500.The lock is case hardened colour. It is equipped with double set trigger. Perfect for hunting and target shooting.



Mod.CaliberGroovesTwist mm - inchesBarrel length mm - inchesOverall length mm - inchesWeight kg - lbsBall/bullet sizeBullet mould Our code
S.206 - S.208 .50 6 600 - 1:24 762 - 30 1190 - 467/8 4,200 - 9.26 .500 long
.500 sabot
USA 318-500

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