Hawken Hunter percussion (1840-1865 c.) - Davide Pedersoli

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The name meets the expectations of today’s version equipped for hunting purposes. The massive barrel, rifled by broaching, has a twist of 1:24” ideal for conical bullet and sabot like the U138-500. It's equipped with a blade front sight and a dovetail slot to equip it with the rear sight.
The Ghost ring aperture sight is mounted to the tang, enabling quick and dynamic sighting, such as you can have with a modern gun. The American walnut stock features a micro-cell thick butt plate to absorb the recoil, while the ramrod is made of flexible and resistant fiber glass. Featuring double set trigger, the rifle has a front sling swivel fitted to the lower rib and a slotted stud in the stock. Available both in flintlock and percussion versions (available the flintlock version).



Mod.CaliberGroovesTwist mm - inchesBarrel length mm - inchesOverall length mm - inchesWeight kg - lbsBall/bullet sizeBullet mould Our code
S.665-500 .50 6 600 - 1:24 725 - 283/8 1125 - 441/4 3,900 - 8,60 .500 maxi
.500 sabot
USA 318-500
S.665-540 .54 6 600 - 1:24 725 - 283/8 1125 - 441/4 4,100 - 9,04 .540 maxi USA 308-540

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